Our Mission

We, the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland, are impelled by the ground of all being to restore wholeness to the one human family and all of creation.  The council is organized for the affirmation, education, and mutual protection of religion and religious freedom.

History of ICGP

ICGP was first organized in the aftermath of September 11 by leaders in the local religious community who wanted to make permanent connections between believers of many faiths. ICGP sponsors events and presents opportunities for people who are interested in interfaith dialogue to gather with other believers from a wide variety of faith communities. The main events sponsored by ICGP are our quarterly Shuras and our Thanksgiving Services. “Shura” means mutual consultation in Arabic. The purpose of a Shura is to encourage people of many different religious faiths to get to know one another and to learn about each other’s faiths and the many things that we have in common. Shura events are hosted by different faith communities around Portland. Our Thanksgiving services are held in the same method as Shuras, but they have a spiritual component of “Thanks”. To date, we have held seven Shuras and five Thanksgiving Gatherings at churches, synagogues, temples, mosques at churches, synagogue, temples, mosques, etc. and have over 105 names on our contact list. ICGP is a unique organization in the Northwest promoting peace and justice through understanding. ICGP has also been a co-sponsor of several community events, including Tapestry of Peace in November 2005, a peace concert, poetry reading and art show.